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    EcoCentric Mom Box Features Herbal Eye Pillow and Organic Earth Bar

    One thing that makes receiving my monthly EcoCentric Mom Box so much fun is that I never know what new, eco-friendly innovations it's going to contain. Pretty regularly, I find welcome non-toxic body lotions, face cleansers or cosmetics and organic taste treats inside. But there are always a few extra surprises included that introduce me to something I had no idea was available.

    IMG_2173  For example, this month's box contained:

    * Nardo's Natural Face Cleanser, Body Lotion and Lip Balm - What I particularly like about the lip balm is both the natural vanilla scent and the smooth way it glides on. It's not thick and sticky like some balms. In addition to the sample products, the Mom Box included an offer code to receive 20% off retail products and free shipping on orders over $75.

    * Eli's Organic Earth Bar - There's just one word for this: YUM! Eli's Earth Bars are organic and Fair Trade in addition to delicious. Plus, the company gives back 5% of every sale to a non-profit charity that benefits kids.

    Natural Newborn Vapor Rub - Congested? This rub has been formulated so it's safe enough for babies but works on us big babies, too. As you would expect, it's petroleum-free.

    Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears DHA - These vitamins contain purified fish oil but you'd never know it, hidden as they are in a gummy bear that's naturally fruit flavored.

    Green Cupboards $10 Gift Card - Use this gift card to do your own shopping for health & beauty products, electronics, home and outdoor furnishins, and pet supplies.

    Lunapads - These washable cloth menstrual pads offer a sustainable alternative to disposable paper products. This month's Mom Box included a coupon to redeem for one free mini pantyliner.

    Herbal Eye Pillow Gift Card - These eye pillows are filled with organic flax seeds, lavender, and peppermint. They block out the light and send you off to sleep with a little aromatherapy, too. Use them at night, or at the end of any yoga class.

    Each of these products comes with a special offer coded that gives you some kind of discount, usually 20% off the purchase price. 

    For All Canada Moms...because Ecocentric Mom only ships within the US, they have teamed up with a brand new subscription box company based in Canada.  This new company only ships within Canada.  If you live in Canada and would like to receive monthly eco-friendly mom and baby boxes, please visit to sign-up and tell them Diane sent you.


    By the way, if you haven't subscribed to EcoCentric Mom boxes in the past, here's what you've missed!

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    EcoCentric Mom Box Features Green Cleaners, Organic Body Treats


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    Carmela @ Fax to Email Australia

    I like the eye pillow, they feel comfortable. They look cute as well.

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